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Hisayuki Doi

Hisayuki Doi

In collaboration with Atelier Kabuto

Discover Hisayuki Doi , a talented Japanese artist, through his video portrait
Hisayuki Doi was born in Wakayama Prefecture in 1976.
At the age of 20, he was impressed by French painting and aspired to be a painter. Since 2006, he has been praised for his paintings with French motifs in CRAY-PAS (oil pastel). He draws his works with the theme of “prayer” and “shrines” as motifs from 2020. He values ​​the feeling of the viewer. He received an award from Wakayama City in 2013 and a local company in 2015. In addition, he won the Grand Prize of the “Showa-kai” exhibition, one of the most important awards in 2015 for artists in Japan. He has been exhibited throughout Japan, and he participated in a group exhibition in the United States; United States, France, Italy, Poland, etc. He now lives in Wakayama, Japan.


More details on his inspirations:
Shinto shrines carry within them the spirit of Japanese belief, where nature itself is revered as a deity. In this place, individuals offer their own prayers. And in the role of transmitting these prayers to the deities, priests and priestesses, called "神主" (Kan-nushi) and "巫女" (Miko) respectively, are present. I try to depict the daily life of the sanctuary with the surrounding atmosphere.

As part of a collaboration, Hisayuki offers three works in prints and limited editions on Atelier Kabuto.