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Solveig Sauvage

Born in Brest in 1997, Solveig quickly dreams of colors and stories by constantly sketching on sheets of paper, inspired by the artists encountered by her gallery owner mother, and by her father's passion for comics.

She discovered Japanese culture around the age of 10, through reading manga and animated films. It will become an important mark of his inspiration in June 2019, following a trip to Tokyo and Kyoto. His influences are then marked by the work of Kazuo Oga, Yôichi Nishikawa and Mateusz Urbanowicz.

She uses different mediums to create her works, but her favorite remains Nicker Poster Color, a gouache made in Japan using pure gum arabic as a binder.



The Gardens of Gaia , 6 Rue de l'Écluse, 67820 Wittisheim

“Lights of Spring in Japan”

May - July 2024 (coming soon)

Minna no Mori Gifu Media Cosmos , Gifu, Japan

40th anniversary of the Franco-Japanese Association of Gifu

January 2024

Strasbourg Municipal Baths , 10 Bd de la Victoire , 67000 Strasbourg

“Christmas in Alsace”

October - December 2023

The Camphor Tree , 4 Place Kléber , 67000 Strasbourg

Opening exhibition

March - April 2023



The Tokyoiter